Limiting Work Time Increases Productivity and Life Enjoyment

Does this sound familiar…

For months in the last half of 2011, I felt drained, unmotivated and tired. More than “go have a nap” tired; more like “too tired to fight any more” tired. No amount of dark chocolate or extra-large mochas helped for long.

Four nasty colds in four months compounded the “run down, burnt out, nothing more to give” feeling.

Have you ever felt that way?

I knew I needed to take action and make changes before life became darker.

Beginning New Year’s Day I implemented the 4-hour workday in hope of renewing my health, regaining balance and finding my smile again. Almost immediately I began noticing the benefits to turning off my computer after working for four hours:

  1. Believe it or not, my productivity actually increased.
  2. I felt liberated; I could go out for a late lunch with my husband and not feel guilty for unchaining myself from the computer.
  3. My energy and smile returned.

That isn’t to say the implementation was perfect. There were (and still are) slip ups and digressions to old habits along the way. It is still very much a work in progress that requires a conscious choice daily.

I have realized the 4-Hour Workday is about more than the four hours of work, but also what happens in the other twenty hours of the day to create the life that works for me. I am on a journey that I would like to share with you and perhaps spark a similar journey in your life.

I am envisioning a series of ebooks. The actual number will be determined by response and questions from you, the readers. Each ebook will focus on a theme or topic – like a full length book released one chapter at a time.

Consider this ebook series similar to a reality TV show in a written format. Who knows where it will lead or who might pop in as a guest. And, like any TV show, the plug can be pulled at any time if there isn’t enough interest.

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Glenda Watson Hyatt

Glenda Watson Hyatt